there’s only two right now but i’ll be adding more now and then so go check it out.

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hot bear king


Heeeey, I’m doing the thing again!! As I’m sure you all know, my folks and I are hurtin’ for money at the moment, so I’ll be opening up portrait commissions for a little while, probably until August 1st!

I’m still using my mom’s paypal until I can get one of my own (hspirit_99@yahoo.com), so drop me a line either here or my email (noizyboy@outlook.com) with what you’d like me to draw and some references for your character(s). I’ll start up after I receive payment (and remember to click “services” and not “goods” for digital commissions).

As usual, tips and donations are super appreciated but absolutely not required and add an extra $5 per additional character. For now I’ll open up five slots and will keep this post updated.

  1. Taken
  2. Open
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  4. Open
  5. Open

a boy and his monster

this asshole here

this asshole here

g..esture …practic..e..e?????

im going to hell arent i

(its all djs fault fuck u dj)

what the fuck is consistency and where can i download that feature

im so mad

happy with the face, not so much the rest of it

o well